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My visit on Pycon india 2010

October 4, 2010

PyCon India 2010 is the primary python conference in India. A purely volunteer effort. I got chance to atten this conference at Bangalore. It was conducted at M S Ramaya Institute of technology. It was two days session Nearly 700 people attended this conference and more than 55 speakers gave their talks on python. Three auditoriums are arranged to take simultaneous presentation.

Day 1

As per the schedule the python talker presented their presents. David Goodger was the keynote speaker. I most impressed by him.

David was PyCon US chair from 2008 to 2009 and the original developer of the docutils project. David has been associated to the Python Software Foundation since 2003 and has held several positions at PSF. Most recently he was a member of the board of directors of PSF.

I attend the following talks

1. llvm-py: Writing Compilers Using Python

It was nice talk given by Mahadevan.R. He explained everything about compiler and its internal and python tool called llvm-py. Mahadevan is founder of llvm and clang. llvm(low level virtual machine). clang is compiler derived from llvm

2. The Zen of Web

It was presented by Anand Chitipothu. It was an awesome. Followings are the outline

  • Design Beautiful URLs
  • Differentiate GET and POST
  • Avoid sessions
  • Respect content-negotiation
  • Provide Caching Information
  • Compress when possible
  • REST and Relax

3. Case study: Opendevice & Python

The talk given by Srirangan. The topics he covered is

  • Interoperability between Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Integration with third party apps (Device SDKs, Apache Ant etc.)
  • Rapid app development with Python
  • Distributed agile development with Python

4. Device Interfacing with Python and ZIO

This presented by Vijayakumar B. He gave introduction about ZIO.

ZIO is an IO framework for rapid product development. ZIO Motherboard is a USB device that provides access to IO interfaces like GPIO, Sensor, PWM, I2C and SPI. ZIO comes with an API that can be used to access the IO interfaces provided by the motherboard, from the

5. Scraping with Python for Fun and Profit

This talk given by Abhishek Mishra. He explained about

  • What is web scraping all about?
  • Some interesting use-cases
  • Urllib2 – passing your data, getting back results
  • BeautifulSoup – parsing it out of the entangled web
  • Mechanize – programmatic web browsing
  • Scrapy – a web scraping framework
  • Case study – putting it all together

Day 2

1. Polyform Puzzler and a Pythonic Algorithm X

This talk given by David Goodger. He explained about algorithm x and puzzler game in python.

2. Internet Protocols in the Python Standard Library

This is presented by Senthil Kumaran. He explained about some modules in Python Standard Library which provide a support for certain Internet Protocols and which will help you build larger applications and frameworks.

3. NoSQL Primer

Two beginners had given this talk names are Harsh Vachhani, Amol Gupta. They gave following outline

  1. Introduction to NoSQL
  2. Types of NoSQL database and classification
  3. Need for Migration to NoSQL

and more…

4. Quickly

This talk given by Rajeswari. This was wonderful talk. She explained about what is Quickly and showed demo.

Quickly is the command line tool to create desktop based gui in python by very quickly.

5. Python on Mobile phones

This was presented by N.Seshadri. He showed demo on his own applications in his “Symbian” based mobile, which is done by Python.To create our own python application in symbian mobile we need PyS60 library.

6. Python on Climate Data Analysis Tool

This was presented by my close friend Arulalan.T. He explained about CDAT. It means Climate data analysis tool.

Climate Data Analysis Tool [CDAT] is an open source python library and it is mainly designed for Meteorological Department.

Using CDAT library we can plot the world map or any continents or any regional map in visual canvas system (VCS).

Thats it. One important thing is that I too applied to give present my talk on Networking with python. Thats my bad luck I didnt selected. I hope next time I sure give talk.  Anyway me and my friends (Arulalan, Rajkumar, Shanmugam, Rajeswari) shuffled together and attend talks as parallel. Finally i got chance to take snap with David Goodger.

Thanks a lot to Pycon India 2010.

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  1. October 12, 2010 5:05 am

    Good dude.

    Keep Rocking.

    Surely you will a talk next time. 🙂

    thanks to shared about my talk also.


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