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Mayavi2: Technical information

December 20, 2010

Mayavi2- a scientific visualization and 3d plotting tool in python.

It has following features:

• Visualization of scalar, vector and tensor data in 2 and 3 dimensions.
• Easy scriptability using Python.
• Easy extendability via custom sources, modules, and data filters.
• Reading several file formats: VTK (legacy and XML), PLOT3D, etc.
• Saving of visualizations.
• Saving rendered visualization in a variety of image formats.
• Convenient functionality for rapid scientific plotting via mlab

Technical details:

-It provides visualization engine based on pipeline architecture similar to that used in VTK.

-It provides Envisage plug-in for 2d/3d scientific data visualization.

-It uses Enthought Tool Suite (ETS) in the form of Traits, TVTK, Envisage

How to use Mayavi2:

1. Use the mayavi2 application completely graphically.

2. Use Mayavi as a plotting engine from simple Python scripts

3. Script the Mayavi application from Python. The Mayavi application itself features a powerful and general
purpose scripting API that can be used to adapt it to your needs.
    (a) You can script Mayavi while using the mayavi2 application in order to automate tasks and extend Mayavi’s behavior.

    (b) You can script Mayavi from your own Python based application.

    (c) You can embed Mayavi into your application in a variety of ways either using Envisage or otherwise.

Scenes, data sources, and visualization modules:

• Data is loaded into Mayavi and stored in a data source

• This data is optionally processed using Filters that operate on the data and visualized using visualization Mod-

There are many different ways to look at same data. This is the reason for separation between data source, the data container.

• Scene- is an area where the 3D visualization is performed

Load Data into Mayavi2:

1. Store your data in a supported file format like VTK legacy or VTK XML files etc.

2. Generate a TVTK dataset via numpy arrays or any other sequence.

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