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Thanks to Mr. Thyagarajan Shanmugam

December 26, 2010

Hi, I think everyone have doubt who is Thyagarajan Shanmugam. I proudly saying he is my guide. I am pursuing MCA final year (6th semester),

yes it is, am in my project semester. I was suffered what am going to do for my final year project. Thanks to Mr. Arulalan obvious my friend , he showed me way to reach Thyagarajan.

He is FOSS enthusiastic, active member of Indian Linux User Group.

It is very hard to see a person who have all the knowledge in this world, this is thought of mine until looked him. Now am getting guidance from him for my final year project. I hope to sure I will achieve.

My first day with Mr. Thiyagarajan:

I reached his office 11 am, the office placed at Mogapair, chennai. He already told me that your project should be in Mayavi2. The first job he assigned me is that ” Reimann Integration”. He explained about Reimann Integration, then he asked me to visualize Reimann Integration in Mayavi.

My under graduation is B.Sc Physics. But I forgot all which I have studied before. At the beginning it was very hard to understand what is Reimann Integration. Now I got clear idea about that with help of Thiyagarajan sir.

Then I started to learn Mayavi2. Now I completed my first script with Mayai2 which will find area of circle using idea of Reimann Integration.

Practice makes a man perfect. Encourage makes a man very perfect. He not only guiding, he encouraging me. Hats off sir.

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