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Fluid Visualization with Mayavi

March 10, 2011

Hi everybody,

“Fluid visualization with Mayavi” – Yes  this is my MCA final year academic project topic. I thank to Mr. Thiyagarajan Shanmugam who guiding me to do this project in Mayavi.

The main core of this project is that

1. To understand how does body flows on fluids by demonstrating Bernolies theorem
2. To understand various properties of Diffusion, Advection, Projection, Velocity, Density by Demonstrating Navier-Stokes  equation
3. To understand how does a body breaks by demonstrating Laminar flow of fluid dynamics

I am going to generate a fluid visualization framework , to visualize the real world fluid flow problem using Python libraries such as Mayavi2, TVTK.

So I have a deep look into

Fluid dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Fluid visualization

Method of Fluid visualization

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