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A course in CFD with Opensource Softwares

May 4, 2011

Hi friends, I started a course in CFD with Opensource softwares. Here , I am going to share my day by day experience. I hope this will help those who all are interest in CFD.

Purpose of this course:

1. To give an introduction to Open source software for CFD

2. To give an introduction to OpenFOAM in order to ‘get started’

3. To introduce how to modify OpenFOAM for specific purposes

4. To increase the use of OpenFOAM in India

How to learn more after this course:

1. Learn by doing

2. Exchange knowledge with other OpenFOAM users at the Forum

3. For more advance courses,

4. Manuals and source codes are available in

5. The D’oxygen manual

6. The OpenFOAM wiki (

Syllabus for first and second days:

1. An introduction to how to install and use standard solvers, utilities and libraries of OpenFoam

2. An introduction to the organization of the code and cases

3. We will use the OpenFoam User Guide and Programmers guide as base, but I will add my personal experience

Syllabus for third and fourth days:

1. We will have a deeper look into the code and make our own solvers, utilities and libraries. For this we must know how to compile all part, of the code. In particulars we will have a look at turbulence models and boundary conditions.

2. We will use the OpenFoam user guide, and programming guide as reference material. It is good to invest in a book in C++, like ‘C++ Direkt’ by Jan Skansholm (student litteratur)

3. After these days you should be able to investigate the code and find out what it does. You should also be able to make simple modification of the code.

Syllabus for 5th day:

1. Programming in OpenFOAM

2. Examples of different ways of using OpenFOAM.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn how to download, install, compile and run OpenFOAM solvers and utilities

2. Learn how to implement solvers and utilities

3. Learn how to implement a turbulence model

4. Learn how to implement boundary condition

5. Learn the basics of C++ and object orientation

6. Learn how to do CFD  with OpenFOAM together with python, paraview, mayavi2

7. Learn basics of Linux, Doxygen, Compilation procedure, Debugging, Version Control System and VTK

8. Learn how to use OpenFoam by doing a project work



* OpenFoam userguide

* OpenFoam programming guide

* OpenFoam Doxygen

* C++ direkt, Jan Skansholm, Studentlitteratur

* An introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, H K Versteeg & W Malalaskera

* Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics , J.H. Ferziger & M. Peric

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  1. remsy permalink
    August 1, 2011 8:20 pm

    Hi Dhastha,
    I am Remsy Tharakan from Germany. I am visiting India in few weeks time. I want to speak to you regarding openfoam training. It would be great if you could please send your contact details at

    My number is 004942316774579, or 00494231947563, or 004917621910355,

  2. Vijaikumar permalink
    December 2, 2011 6:55 pm

    I am a third year engg student from tamilnadu. I would like to know about when and where you are conducting the course. Thanks in advance. My contact no is +919566415894

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